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6 Things To Know About Michal Brcak

Product management

Leading our teams to enhance customer experience for telecommunications services and introduce cool new solutions in managed services like software-defined networks, cloud infrastructure, and Internet of Things.

Michal Brcak giving a speech about an innovative sales advisory tool

Digital tools

My life is linked to digital innovations! I’ve led a successful portal revamp for B2B clients in Slovakia, crafted an internal tool for quotes & approvals, and driving SalesForce.com improvements with my team.

Michal Brcak giving a speech about an innovative sales advisory tool

Agile transformation

Our team has transitioned to agile way of working, with a focus on continuous improvements and delivering value through objectives and key results. The shift has led to higher employee satisfaction and improved transparency with stakeholders.

Developing new leaders

What really drives me? Being a key part of my teams’ and aspiring talents’ personal growth and remarkable achievements. It’s not just about sharing information or experiences; it’s about making a difference.

Run, run, run

I love pushing myself to grow and advance, not just at work but also in sports. Running always brings me joy even after a challenging day, and it’s a fantastic way to connect with the community.

Mountains, hiking & climbing

Low battery level? Nature is the answer – especially in the High Tatras mountain range with its numerous trails. I enjoy also climbing the peaks with a licensed guide – all you need is some rope, focus, and trust!

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