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This website is dedicated to my leadership journey in B2B product management, marketing and digital services. Enjoy it!

Michal’s current job: Tribe Lead for B2B Products & Digital Tools, Slovak Telekom

Under his leadership, the team has launched several top-performing products (like SD-WAN, Managed Wi-Fi, and Cloud Infrastructure), embraced agile ways of working, and rolled out Salesforce.com to streamline processes.

These changes have boosted team productivity, improved customer happiness, and helped strengthen Telekom’s position as a leading provider of digital services for business customers.

A Journey Towards B2B Product & Digital Leadership

Michal has worked for over a decade in various B2B product management and marketing roles. 

Under his leadership, teams have also implemented initiatives to boost customer satisfaction and business value significantly. He has a solid drive to bridge the gaps in team cooperation.

Michal’s focus on customer needs also led to the development of a B2B digital self-service channel, which makes it easier for business clients to manage their services. 


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