RCS Messages: Expanding Direct Communication for Businesses

This week Apple held its annual developer conference. They unveiled a lot of 🌟 news there, mostly related to the new iOS 18 and Apple Intelligence. One of the new features in iOS 18 will finally include support for RCS messaging.

🟩 The RCS messages are the modern messaging standard and are the successor to traditional SMS and MMS messages. You may know them from Android devices as “green bubble” messages.
✔️ RCS messages have been available for Android devices on the Telekom network for some time.
📅 Information about the deployment dates for RCS and RCS Business Messaging support on Apple devices for specific countries has not yet been communicated.

Five advantages of RCS for your business

Does your company or organization use direct communication channels such as SMS? Want to better prepare for this opportunity? Then just for you, I’ve prepared my take on 5 benefits for your business that using such RCS messaging can bring.

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