T Day: Delivering the Best for Our Top Customers

Michal Brcak speaking at the T Day 2024

Today at “T Day,” we gathered with IT and tech leaders from our top 100 enterprise customers. Their feedback is invaluable, and their high standards push us to excel.

We presented them our recent innovations: cutting-edge mobile services, intelligent business messaging, and a streamlined cybersecurity center. It was a great pleasure to hear how our customers praised us as a reliable provider with a comprehensive portfolio.

A unique highlight was using Telekom Business Messaging 📱 for a live vote on today’s ⚽️EURO 2024 football match results. This interactive demo showed just how easy and effective our solutions can be.

🙏🏻 Thank you to our incredible team, speakers, long-term partners CISCO & Samsung, and everyone behind the scenes for making this event a success. Your dedication drives us forward!

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