Beach or Brainstorming? A Summer Workshop!

While many of you are heading to Croatia for its beautiful sea this summer, my three colleagues and I found ourselves last week in the capital city of Zagreb. Right during peak summer temperatures of 36°C 🥵 But we were warmly welcomed into a meeting room for a different kind of adventure!

It was a 🤿 deep dive workshop with Ivana Beli and her skilled team from Hrvatski Telekom together with Dimitra KotsiopoulouNikola Raletić and Hrvoje Haramija from the central team. Our mission? To share best practices in product development and explore 💡 innovative services for the SMB customers.

Our discussions highlighted the similarities between the Slovak and Croatian B2B telco markets. Despite varying industry shares, both nations utilize the same cutting-edge technologies, grapple with similar efficiency measures, and face identical security threats.

It has been a great showcase of the “B2B Centre of Excellence” at Hrvatski Telekom with a goal for collaboration and knowledge exchange among the Europe segment of the Deutsche Telekom group. 🤝🌍

I’m eagerly looking forward to the innovative solutions and synergies our B2B teams will bring to the table. Stay tuned!

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