Celebrating Our Wins and Team Spirit!

Twelve months ago, we took a big step. We combined our smart business people with a skilled tech team to create our Enterprise Services Tribe. Why? To bring all relevant people closer, to focus more on our customers, and get things done faster.

KEY ACHIEVEMENT: The biggest win has been speeding up how fast we bring important projects to life. On top of that, we’re able to be more precise in estimating delivery of high priority requests. This isn’t just good for us; it’s great for our customers and everyone we work with.

TODAY IS SPECIAL: We’re celebrating with team activities, feedback sessions, and of course, cake! 🎂 The photos captures these joyful moments.

MY PERSONAL RECOMMENDATIONS if you consider going into similar changes in your organisation:
1) Get the people who matter on board from the start – both in the team and key stakeholders.
2) Keep track of the numbers that really count. This makes it easier to be on the same page and show progress.
3) If you’re aiming to be more agile, feel free to make significant changes quickly. Then, adjust as you learn more.

🙏 A big thank you to everyone in our Enterprise Services Tribe for making this year so special and for diving into this adventure with open minds 😃  And special kudos to Bachrata Zuzana and Mima Balajova for organizing this event!

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