The Power of Digital Tools in Streamlining Work Processes

We are digitizing not only our corporate customers, but also internally in Telekom.

In our work, we also use tools such as Microsoft 365 or SalesForce intensively, after all, “a shoemaker’s children should not go barefoot” 😃

One team in our Tribe is just dedicated to improving internal systems for managing relationships with corporate customers. This allows our B2B account managers and other colleagues to give faster and more accurate responses to customer requests, for example preparing a standard quote in just a few minutes.

We have valuable experience not only from our colleagues at Deutsche Telekom. At the recent Digital Transformation Summit in Prague, I also met with digital leaders from Česká spořitelna, Generali and Heureka, where we discussed the latest trends and the safe use of AI. These conversations help us keep up with the latest innovations.

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