Earth Day: Taking Action for a Sustainable Future

🌍 Hey everyone, happy Earth Day! I’m really proud that I work for Slovak Telekom, a company that truly cares about our planet 💚

We believe that every little action can make a big difference. Our goal is to have zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040, and we’re already making great progress. Last year, we went above and beyond with better energy efficiency, solar power, and eco-friendly packaging. Plus, our networks are now fully powered by renewable energy!

But it’s not just about what we do internally. We’re also helping other Slovak companies go green by cutting down on paper use and reducing travel. We offer cool digital solutions like green data centers and cloud services to help our clients lower their carbon footprints.

And it gets better! We provide advanced IoT services that help businesses manage energy, monitor the environment, and conserve water. These tools give our clients the insights they need to make eco-friendly choices every day, not just on Earth Day.

We’re also big on community involvement. We partner with local organizations to promote sustainability. From supporting recycling programs to encouraging renewable energy use in schools, we’re all about empowering the next generation to fight climate change.

Looking ahead, we’re committed to even bigger goals. By 2025, we aim to achieve carbon neutrality through more energy-efficient practices. And by 2040, we want our entire value chain to be eco-friendly. It’s a long road, but we’re excited about the journey!

Being part of Deutsche Telekom, the leading telecom brand in Europe, means we’re part of a bigger fight against climate change. Together, we’re making a real impact. Here’s to a greener future! 🌍💚

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