The Future of Work: From TEDx To My Inspiration!

TEDxBratislava 2023 was an exhilarating experience! From diverse speakers covering ecology, psychology, activism, healthcare, and more, the event left me buzzing. 💫

I came to this mind-expanding conference shortly after our amazing company party the night before 🎉🎸 Getting out of bed in that situation might seem demanding, but it wasn’t 😁

Filip Dřímalka, the expert on digital trends and their implementation in companies, impressed the auditorium with his talk on the “Future of No Work.” 💡 His surname, ironically meaning “sleepy” in English, starkly contrasted with his energetic presence on stage. He painted a picture of a future where AI tools and copilots take over mundane tasks, freeing us to focus on meaningful endeavors. The future is not something we wait for. Instead, it’s something we actively create and embrace.

The magic continued during the break as I met a drummer from the party day before, who amazed us all with his drumming skills! 🎶🥁 TEDx reminded me of the power of connection and shared passions. 🎵🌟

Now, I’m curious: How do you envision the future of work in the face of advancing technologies? Will automation pave the way for more purposeful work? Let’s discuss! 🤔💼✨💪✨

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